The magic triangle of product success describes the importance of Time (timely market entry), Costs (product price) and Quality (measured by customers’ needs) for he market success of a product. In practice, it quickly becomes clear that these three main points are interdependent. In particular, it will always be the case that belated market entries are largely the result of insufficient quality and additional development loops, and quality itself is, among other things, influenced from the interface through to cost management.

We understand the core competency of an organization to lie in providing the right quality characteristics over the course of the required service cost effectively.

The Reliability Engineering Academy has dedicated itself to providing our clients with the means to achieve this core competency through the training content and optional coaching services by our select consultants. The self-image formed by this training can be expressed in this fashion:

„Dependability and Quality come into being during Product Development.”
„Dependability and Quality must also be produced.“

Based on this understanding, we offer our clients training courses in the area of product development, the design for Six Sigma and reliability courses, as well as Six Sigma training in the area of improving and safeguarding production. As production costs form a significant portion of the development phase, this aspect is integrated into our training courses where relevant.

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