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Reliability Education Program

Reliability Engineering Academy – from practice to practice

Our Course Instructors

experience and know-how

The Reliability Engineering Academy has unique educational expertise in the fields of reliability and quality.

Our instructors are distinguished by their long-standing national and international professional experience in consulting, training and project work in different sectors and subject areas.

Les Warrington

30+ year of reliability engineering experience

My roles in this have been user, customer, design & development, manager, researcher, academic, trainer, and consultant.

My mission is to help you deliver the benefits of reliability

It is not enough to deliver product reliability; the reliability needs to be right for the customer and for the business, and it needs to be delivered in such a way as to maximize those benefits.

My Career and Background

My career spans military (Royal Air Force, UK), academic (Senior Fellow, University of Warwick, UK), commercial (Director Reliability, Research in Motion, Canada) and consulting (worldwide).